i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

this is mesmerizing


oh my god.



You know Lady To Lady, right? The podcast I do with two of my BFFs that has awesome guests, theme songs & amazing characters every week? Well we’re honored to be one of the newest shows on Maximum Fun, a collective of some of the best comedy podcasts out there! 

And for the next 2 weeks, #MaxFunDrive is happening! You know how you can become a sustaining member to NPR & Terry Gross can eat dinner? WELL WE WANT TO EAT DINNER TOO, TERRY, GEEZ! Now’s your chance to become an integral part of the goodness that is Max Fun and Lady to Lady by donating a few bucks a month to comedy & the arts (& farts). Become a member today and support Lady to Lady and all the awesome shows on Maximum Fun. Think of all the money you waste in a month on things you don’t even like! 

BONUS, if you do the $20 level or higher, we’ll send you a Lady to Lady care package - and if you do $35 or higher we’ll send you a personalized mini podcast about whatever you want! You have to choose Lady to Lady as your fave show in order to get these bonuses, so head over and become a member now!

Thank you for being a friend, cheesecakes!

Support Lady to Lady and Maximum Fun, it’s super easy and awesome, DO IT BROS DO IT!